Qualifications of The Deputy Secretary General
Deputy Secretary General shall be an ordained PCEA Minister between 30-56 years of age, and shall have had at least six years service without break after ordination. He must be serving a Parish or institute, having been placed there by the Appointments Committee. He must be acquainted with the general administration of the PCEA and have experience in running Church Courts like Parish Sessions and Presbyteries, and committees like the Business Committee. Must have demonstrated the ability to lead and to initiate discussions without necessarily sticking to his own views every time. He should be a temperate person, a conciliator, honest, trustworthy in all his dealings, be a person of good reputation both outside and inside the Church.
Duties of the Deputy Secretary General
  • Maintenance of effective liaison with the Presbyteries, a three-fold task: I.e. to secure effective communication between the General Assembly and the Presbyteries, to consult with the Presbyteries regarding the implementation of General Assembly policies, and arising from his contacts with Presbyteries, to advise and inform the Secretary General regarding developments in the Church.
  • He shall also shall represent the Secretary General in the Standing Committees and the Boards of Governors of schools/institutions, and to deal with all matters that relate to those committees and boards, when so requested by the Secretary General.
  • He will be the secretary of the Appointments Committee.
  • His office shall deal with the Immigration Department in connection with work permits for expatriates; to deal with other documents which come under this department, and deal with all visitors.
  • He shall be appointed the Deputy Clerk of the General Assembly, for the time being, as the Deputy Clerk of the General Assembly, be in charge of the Assembly Office in the absence of the Secretary General,
Duration of office

The appointment shall be for a period of four years without extension. Should the demission of the officer’s term of office coincide with that of Secretary General, the Business Committee should give special guidance in order to maintain continuity.