Qualifications of The Honorary Treasurer
  1. He shall be conversant with the financial affairs of the Church and be a committed Christian who’ has already proven his capabilities elsewhere in the Church.
  2. He shall have the right of access to all relevant account books and other documents of the Finance Department of the Church.
  3. He shall have the right to draw to the attention of the Standing Committees of the GA any financial irregularity or omission, and recommend any course of action which may be considered desirable, through the Finance Committee,
  4. He shall be a member of the Business Committee, the GAC and the GA.
  5. The Honorary Treasurer shall automatically become the chairman of the Finance Committee of the General Assembly.
  6. He shall be responsible for presenting financial statements of accounts to the GA and the GAC, assisted by the Finance Officer.
  7. The office of the Honorary Treasurer of PCEA shall not carry any financial remuneration.
  8. He shall be entitled to reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred while on duty as approved by the Finance Committee.
  9. In the event of his resignation, disability or death while in office, the deputy shall automatically take over the work of the honorary treasurer until arrangements can be made for the GAC to confirm the appointment of the deputy as Honorary Treasurer, or appoint an acting Honorary Treasurer from the members of the Finance Committee, or call for election in accordance with the procedure already described in the Constitution, or do otherwise as may seem right.