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Moderators of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa are formally elected after every three years by the Assembly at its opening meeting, the nominee having been selected by Presbyteries earlier on. By convention they serve for two terms.

The Rt. Rev. Thegu Mutahi is married to Wanjiru and together they have two sons, Mutahi and Kamau. He was is the 23rd General Assembly Moderator of the Presbterian Church of East Africa. He was installed to this office in April 2021 for a three-year term, with a possible second term. “It is a great honour and privilege from God.” He expressed. The PCEA is a growing church with 54 presbyteries and over 3,200 congregations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. 

Rt. Rev Thegu Mutahi

23rd General Assembly Moderator


Past General Assembly Moderators.

The Moderator of the current General Assembly is styled "The Right Reverend" while past General Assembly Moderators are styled "The Very Revend". The folowing is a list of the Moderators of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa from its inception to the present.  

Very Rev. Dr. Julius G. Mwamba
Very Rev. Dr. Julius G. Mwamba21st & 22nd G.A (2015_2021)
Very Rev. Dr. Jesse Kamau
Very Rev. Dr. Jesse Kamau15th & 16th (1997_2003)
Very Rev. Dr. John Gatu
Very Rev. Dr. John Gatu9th & 10th G.A (1979_1985)
Rev. Charles Muhoro Kareri
Rev. Charles Muhoro Kareri3rd & 4th G.A (1961_1967)
Very Rev. David Gathanju
Very Rev. David Gathanju19th & 20th (2009_2015)
Very Rev. Bernard Muindi
Very Rev. Bernard Muindi 13th & 14th G.A (1991_1997)
Very Rev. Jeremiah Gitau
Very Rev. Jeremiah Gitau7th & 8th G.A (1973_1979)
Rev. Robert Macpherson
Rev. Robert Macpherson2nd G.A : (1957_1961)
Very Rev. Dr. David Githii
Very Rev. Dr. David Githii17th & 18th G.A (2003_2009)
Very Rev. Dr. George Wanjau
Very Rev. Dr. George Wanjau11th & 12th G.A (1985_1991)
Very Rev. Crispus Kiongo
Very Rev. Crispus Kiongo5th & 6th G.A ( 1967_1973)
Rev. RGM Calderwood
Rev. RGM Calderwood 1st G.A (1956_1957)

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