Moderators Acceptance Speech

Moderator Acceptance Speech

The Moderator is the most senior office bearer within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. The Moderator of the G.A shall be regarded as a “Father-in-God” to all ministers, elders and congregational members of the Church. The serving Moderator is given the honorific style, Right Reverend. Former Moderators are known as Very Reverend, former moderators are also considered to be the church Fathers. He is the ceremonial leader of the church in the nation events and international events wherever the church need representation. He is mandated to speak ob behalf of the church on respective matters.
Acceptance Speech
Acceptance Speech


Acceptance Speech
23rd Generals Assembly Moderator

I give my commitment to work consultatively with the team before us today that is made up of the Secretary General, the Rev Dr Robert Waihenya, the Deputy Secretary General, the Rev Paul Kariuki and the Honorary Treasurer Elder Daniel Kibirii. The Past Moderators and the Business Committee will also form the frontline executors of the vision before us.

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Past General Assembly Moderators
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