Theological Education Extension

Theological Education by Extension

PCEA Theological Education Extension Department offers theological education to those whom, through formal training would not get it due to limitations of age, access, level of education or other facors. 

Strategic Objectives:

  • Working for the Christian maturity and growth of the Church to the glory of God.
  • Being a tool in the hands of the Parish minister as he seeks to equip Church members to carry out a work of the ministry (Eph 4:7-13).
  • Providing for the Christian education and training of adults, especially those in responsible positions of lay-leadership, so that they, in turn, will teach the wider membership of the Church (2 Timothy 2:2)

Program Objectives:

These includes :-

  1. To enhance Biblical knowledge amongst individual members in all congregations within all our parishes.
  2. To encourage the effective use of knowledge gained and the discovery of spiritual gifts through setting practical tasks for students to carry out.
  3. To have efficient and competent coordinators in every local church who will take the TEE program to the next level. They will work for the teamwork and spiritual formation of learners by organizing group discussion.
  4. To create a positive attitude towards the TEE program embraced by all.
  5. To encourage the establishment of TEE programs in Local Churches that do not currently have them and strengthening programs already in existence.
  6. To establish an effective TEE office that will sufficiently help in running the TEE classes in the local churches.

T.E.E Resources

Resources and Media

Currently TEE is offering the following study programs:

  1. T.E.E basic Diploma – for anyone interested.
  2. T.E.E Advance Diploma – Builds on the basic Diploma
  3. The Crossing Mentorship Course - for early teenage.
  4. Diploma in Holistic Nurturing of Children – For all adults
  5. Adopt an Inmate’ Programs – gives members of public and organizations opportunity to support prisoners to study TEE Basic Diploma.
  6. Certificate in Guidance and Psychological Counselling – (minimum entry D-)
  7. Certificate in Guidance and Psychological Counselling – (Minimum C-)