Youth Tuko


Presbyterian Youth Fellowship

This is a fellowship which seeks to embrace activities of young people in the Church, to draw youth into Gods Kingdom and train them up as disciples, to enlist their efforts in the tasks of evangelisation and fellowship in co-operation in the promotion of God’s kingdom among youth of PCEA. 

Vital worship and fellowship motivate a compelling witness, a witness expressed in evangelism, service, and justice.  Youth want a witness that moves beyond propositional truth.  They need to know that Christianity works in both the societal and personal issues of life.

Membership and Roles

Membership is open to every man who joins the Church. Members of the fellowship endeavors to be a source of Christ’s light to men within and without the Church, they seek to draw men to Christ, they nurture and equip them with godly values to attain holistic transformation, they equip and offer opportunities for men to spread the gospel of Christ, involvements in mercy mission so as to extend in kind Christ’s love to those hurting/needy in the society. Mentor the Boy Child/Young Men within and without the Church. Bolster men’s bonding with each other so that unity is attained in the church. Champion the society on taking care of the environment.


The Fellowship seesk to encourage young people to live for Glory of teh Lord who renews and gives strength to live a fuller and righteous life. It seeks and encourage young people to know the Lord as theirs saviour. Equips them whenever the lord calls them to will adhere and live according to Biblical teaching.


The fellowship aims for the following:

  1.  To know and believe in God through Jesus Christ our Saviour, who is Lord of all mankind.
  2.  To serve God through service to youth, to the Church and to the community.
  3. To unite young Christians and strengthen one another in our commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.
  4. To share fully in the Church and Nation.
  5. To witness to God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ where we are and throughout the world.

Activities for the Youth

  1. Organizing for Bible study and prayers.
  2. Organising for music ministry. 
  3. Teaching and organising Sunday school.
  4. Leading in youth week Sunday or any of the youth service.
  5. Holding conventions and rallies.
  6. Organising picnics, excursions, retreats, rallies and camps.
  7. Visit other Churches or educational tours.
  8. Organizing extra-curricular activities including inddor and outdoor games.
  9. Handicraft for both men and women. 
  10. Giving donations to the Church and to the needy areas of the society.

Programs & Resources

Resources and Media


Download 2021 combined calendar of events.


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