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1What is the belief of the Presbyterian Church?

Presbyterianism is a part of the Reformed tradition within Protestantism which traces its origins to the British Isles, particularly Scotland. Presbyterian churches derive their name from the presbyterian form of church government, which is governed by representative assemblies of elders.

The Presbyterian Church of East Africa governing system is presbyterian which means that no one person or group within the Church has more influence or say than any other. The Church does not have one person who acts as the head of faith, as that role is the Lord God's. Its supreme rule of faith and life is through the teachings of the Bible.

4Are Protestant and Presbyterian the same thing?
5Why are infants Baptised?
6What does the Presbyterian Church believe about communion?
7what is the General Assembly?
8What is a Presbytery?
9What is a Kirk_Session?
10What are the Courts of the Church?

Ecclesiastical polity is the operational and governance structure of a church or of a Christian denomination.

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