• May 9, 2024
  • Pcea media
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Adopt-An-Inmate Kamiti Prison Graduation

Theological Education by Extension Department (TEE) will hold a graduation ceremony on Friday, 10th May 2024 for 33 graduates at Kamiti Prison. The inmates will graduate after having completed the Adopt-An-Inmate program through the sponsorship of PCEA Zimmerman Parish and PCEA Ngecha Presbytery who sponsored 17 and 16 inmates respectively.

The Adopt-An-Inmate initiative was started in 2014 by the TEE department and has seen inmates graduate from different locations across the country. Out of 154 prisons across the country, at least 56 of them have benefited from the program including Kabarnet GK prison, Shimo La Tewa and Nyahururu prison.

Presbyterian Church of East Africa’s TEE department partners with the Kenya Prisons Services which entrusts the church with impacting positive spiritual transformation and rehabilitation for the re-integration of inmates to the society.

The aim of this program is to bring about behaviour and character transformation through basic theological training. The program uses a self-study approach where the TEE department provides study materials to the inmates who then study in groups for 4 to 8 months. The program seeks to enable the inmates to develop positive social and religious values.

To roll out the program, the TEE department depends on the goodwill of individuals and groups who financially sponsor the program so that the prisoners can undertake the studies at no cost. Sponsorship from individuals, parishes, presbyteries, and groups is encouraged.

TEE Department invites all to partner in advancing this important outreach ministry. For more information, one can email admin@pceatee.com.