• June 14, 2024
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On Sunday 16th June 2024, there will be three churches that will be dedicated. New worship sanctuaries in the Presbyterian Church are usually dedicated as a way of setting them apart from all ordinary use and setting them apart for the purpose of worship and ministry.

Two churches, PCEA Kamahiga and PCEA Miiri, will be dedicated in Kahungu Outreach of Gatundu Presbytery. The outreach was curved out from Ndarugu Parish on 23rd may 1993. The outreach has 10 retired Elders and 10 active Elders. It has six congregations but only one is dedicated. Dedication of these two churches will bring to three the number of dedicated churches. Kahungu  Outreach does not have a Minister but the ministers in the Presbytery gives pastoral oversight. Currently, the outreach is being shepherded by the Presbytery Moderator, Rev. Joseph Njau.

Another church that will be dedicated on Sunday is  PCEA Kahuho Church in Kirima Parish of Rumuruti Presbytery. Kirima Parish has 10 active elders and 4 who are retired.  The Parish Minister is Rev. Samuel Lokadel. The parish has 14 congregations. PCEA Kahuho will be the 4th church to be dedicated.

These dedication services are scheduled to be presided over by the Moderator of the General Assembly and the Secretary General respectively.

Photo: PCEA Kamahiga, Kahungu Outreach in Gatundu