• June 19, 2024
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Formation of New PCMF Board

A new board for the Presbyterian Church Men’s Fellowship (PCMF) has been formed. The new board was constituted during a meeting held on 12th June 2024.

In this new Board Rev. David Murithi from Nairobi region will serve as the Chair, Elder Kamau Kwendeka from Mt. Kenya region as the Vice Chair, Elder Symon Muhia from Rift Valley region as Treasurer and Mr James Kinyua will serve as the Vice Secretary. The board secretary is usually the PCMF National Director, currently under Rev. Henry G. Kaira.

PCMF has continued to see an increase in the number of men’s admissions and has seen a positive response from the young men who are joining the Young Presbyterian Church Men’s Fellowship (YPCMF).

On 16th June 2024 the Director attended a commissioning service at PCEA Thika West Parish that saw 54 admissions, 51 dedications and 18 commissions. 25 men were YPCMF. More commissioning will occur at PCEA Makupa and PCEA Kenyatta Road Parishes in June 2024.

To become a full member of the PCMF, men go through three stages: admission, dedication, and commissioning. Progressive seminars and training are done on areas like Man and God, Men in the Bible, and Understanding the Core Tenets.

The PCMF’s main objective is Christian Discipleship focusing on Faith, Witness and Service. Other objectives are men in leadership, men and family, men and health, men in mission and environmental stewardship.

PCMF Director takes note of the ongoing mentorship program aimed to encourage men to use the Rite of Passage Manuals that are in circulation and available at the Head Office shop. The Rite of Passage is one of the activities that men take up towards the end of the year in assisting the boy child.

Rev. Kaira further encourages men to continue their Bible study on the Book of Romans using the study guide already in circulation.

In Photo: Members of the PCMF & YPCMF during the commissioning at PCEA Thika West on 16th June 2024

Other PCMF activities that have taken place in the recent past:

Thika West YPCMF Admitted on Sunday 16/06/2024

Kirimara West Presbytery Ruguru Parish PCMF Seminar on 18/05/2024

Graduation/Passout of 53 Men in Presbyterian Church Seattle Tacoma (USA) 19/05/2024

PCMF commissioning in Rift Valley at Nakuru West Bethsaida Parish