• April 18, 2024
  • Pcea media
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Church Militant to Church Triumphant – The Late Very Rev. George Wanjau’s Send Off

Thousands of mourners gathered at PCEA St. Andrew’s Church on Thursday, 18th April 2024 to bid farewell to the past Moderator of PCEA Church the late Very Rev. George Wanjau. The service was co-led by the Secretary General Rev. Dr. Robert Waihenya Ngugi and the Deputy Secretary General Rev. John Mbae Muraga.

Led by the widow Mary Wanjau, the family emerged with rich tributes highlighting late Wanjau’s care for the needy, peaceability, prayer life, and unwavering faith in God. It was clear that the late Moderator nurtured his family in the way of the Lord with almost all his families declaring salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Among those who read or sent tributes are the Deputy President H.E. Rigathi Gachagua, CHAK, NCCK, IEM-K, World Council of Reformed Churches, PCEA SACCO, among many others.

The Moderator 24th GA Rt. Rev. Thegu Mutahi eulogised the late Moderator as a mentor of the young people, a selfless minister who never sought person gain above ministry, and a courageous transformer who did not hesitate to point out evils in society.

Rt. Rev. Thegu, based his sermon on the Theme of 24th General Assembly of PCEA Church. He reminded the church that we are called to serve the Lord. Serving the Lord however is not easy. It is engaging in a warfare. Sometimes it calls for standing against the majority.

Just as it was with late Dr. Wanjau, serving the LORD is never the easy option but it was the best option. We must remain vigilant and prayerful to effectively serve the Lord. This will enable us shine line stars in this depraved and crooked generation.

The Moderator observed that late Dr. Wanjau served the Lord faithfully to the last day. For this reason, we have faith that the late Moderator has transitioned from ‘Church Militant’ to the ‘Church Triumphant’.

While praying for the family, Very Rev. Jesse Kamau assured the family that the service of the late Moderator was not in vain. Some of associated blessings will keep catching up with the family.

Other past Moderators of PCEA Church who were in the service were Very Rev. Dr. Julius Guantai Mwamba and Very Rev. David Riitho Gathanju.